A Studio Emerges

Camp Hill Fine Arts derives its name from the small community that surrounds the 6 acre wooded parcil located on US Highway 72 five miles west of Walnut, MS.  Handed down from property that Bruce Noah, Patty's grandfather, purchased in 1970, Patty inherited it from her Aunt Charlene 3 years ago.  During the past 3 years Patty and Fred have formulated plans to build a 480 square foot hexigon structure with a patio that will serve as the base of operations for Camp Hill Fine Arts.

The potential for this project is amazing.  No banks or contractors will be involved.  Personal funds and sweat equity will be the source of inspiration to make this happen.  Eventually, Fred and Patty will develop this property into a retreat for artists, students of art, evolving artists, and people who are simply interested in fine art.  They also hope to build their home there overlooking a beautiful pond deep in the woods.

To accomplish this Fred and Patty need to sell art and develop other sources of funding to make it all happen.  This site will be a main source of funds thru the sale of art work, creating interest from funding sources, and of course, simple donations.  They also hope to attract any interested people who want to join in with a little labor.  This is as much a public project as it is private.  Patty and Fred want to extend an invitation to anyone wanting to become a part of the Camp Hill Fine Arts project so that they too can experience the Camp Hill vision.

They will continue to post progress reports in the form of photographs as they proceed.

Adding on 2 new rooms

The nature of snowflake

Where the nature walk begins